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NOTE- Update 7/2/20.  Based on recent news from the Governor, we do not expect to be able to begin our league in early or mid July.  We will continue to wait for approval to open and will adjust the start and end date of the Summer Adult League and possibly pricing, and number of games.

Thanks for your patience.  As almost all businesses, we have taken an enormous financial hit and we have faith we will see the light after this time in history.  Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you when you are ready.  This page will be updated as news evolves.

Sending much love and light to you all,




Summer Adult Session

  • July 6 – August 23 **dates subject to change based on state regulations
  • Register the team online 7:00am on Thursday, June 25th.
    **Defined Fitness Coed C & Defined Fitness Coed D teams start registration WITH MANAGEMENT APPROVAL ONLY  at 6:00pm
  • Please call to be added to our wait lists.
  • All players need to be registered via DASH
  • Sign-up starts June 25
  • Sign-up ends on June 30 (Or until leagues are full.)
  • Season is 6 games plus a playoff or friendly game ***subject to change depending on when we start games
  • Men’s A, Men’s B, Coed A & Coed B1- top four teams play in a playoff and the remaining teams play their 7th game as friendly games.  If there are only six teams in a division, the top two teams will play in a final and the remaining teams play their 7th game as friendly games. ***This is all subject to change depending on when we start games
  • Women’s A will get 6 games with the top two teams playing in a final and all other teams playing their 7th games as friendly games.  This decision is based on the number of teams that play in the Women’s A division.
  •  Women’s B, Coed B2, will get 7 games with standings recorded but no playoff or official league winner.
  •  Women’s C , Men’s C, Defined Fitness Coed  C, and Defined Fitness Coed D division will get 7 games with no standings and no playoffs.


  • *COST IS $565 PER TEAM* + each team pays referee $7 before each game
  • $50 non-refundable deposit due for ALL teams at time of sign-up
  • 25% of the team fee is due June 30th.
  • 50% of the team fee is due July 9th.
  • Final Team Payment is due by July 26th.
  • No limit on players per team.

There is a $15 IISA membership fee for each player. (For Membership Benefits Click Here)

  • The membership is good to play in all games for all IISA seasons for one year
  • Every player must have a membership to play.

Game Day Possibilities, subject to change:

  • Men’s  A, B, C- Monday – Friday
  • Women’s- Monday – Friday
  • Co-Ed – Friday – Sunday

Contact Information:
Office Hours:
Mondays-Fridays 9:00am-9pm
Saturdays 12pm-9pm, Sundays 8am-9pm

Winter II 2020 Sign-ups: November 11; games 1/2 – 2/29
Spring I 2020 Sign-ups: January 27; games 3/1 – 4/26
Spring II 2020 Sign-ups: March 23; games 4/27 – 6/21