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  • Games run – October 23rd – December 21st
  • Register the team online 7:00am-12:00pm on Monday, September 18th.
    **Coed Rec C, Coed Rec D, and Men’s Advanced teams start registration WITH MANAGEMENT APPROVAL ONLY online 6:00pm-7:00pm, or at the arena after 7:00 pm
  • Please call to be added to our waitlists.
  • All players need to be registered via DASH
  • LEAGUES BEGIN week of October 23
  • Sign-up starts September 18th
  • Sign-up ends on October 13th  (Or until leagues are full.)
  • Season is 7 games plus a playoff for top 4 teams- all others get 1 friendly game.
  • Women’s Intermediate B and C, and Men’s Intermediate C divisions will get 8 games with standings recorded but no playoff or official league winner.
  •  Coed Rec C will get 8 games with standings recorded but no playoff or official league winner.
  •  Coed Rec D division will get 8 games with no standings and no playoffs.


  • *COST IS $625 PER TEAM* + each team pays referee $7 before each game
  • $50 non-refundable deposit due for ALL teams at time of sign-up
  • 50% of the team fee is due by Friday, October 13th
  • 100% of the team fee is due by the third game.
  • No limit on players per team.

There is a $15 IISA membership fee for each player. (For Membership Benefits Click Here)

  • The membership is good to play in all games for all IISA seasons for one year
  • Every player must have a pass card to play. Pass card is made at the arena after you purchase your membership.


  • Men’s Intermediate A- Monday – Friday
  • Men’s Intermediate B- Monday – Friday
  • Men’s Intermediate C- Monday – Friday
  • Women’s Advanced and Women’s Intermediate- Monday and Wednesday
  • Co-Ed Recreational – Friday – Sunday
  • Co-ed Intermediate – Friday – Sunday

Contact Information:
Office Hours:
Monday- 12:00-9:00pm
Tuesdays-Fridays 9:00am-9pm
Saturdays 12pm-9pm, Sundays 8am-9pm



Winter II
Sign-ups: 11/13/17 – 12/22/17
Games run: 1/2/18 – 3/3/18