Can my child join a Lil’ Kickers class in the middle of a season?

Yes!  Your child can join any time as long as there is room in the class, classes will be pro-rated.  Call us to see if a class is available! 505-266-3653.

Can we try out a class before committing?

Yes!  Everybody gets a one-time free trial.  Call us to schedule your child’s free trial today.

What’s the cost of your program?

Classes are $17 /class when doing drop-ins or $15/class if season is paid in full.  We also have a $15 annual membership, which is payed once a year, depending on when you start.

Can I pay class to class?

Yes!  We allow parents to pay as they come on weekdays only and we have an up-charge of $2 per class.  Note- if a class is full, parents cannot pay class to class.

How do we get a uniform?

If you pay in full for a season, your child receives a free uniform (fall, winter, Summer & spring)!  We also have the uniforms available for sale for $25+tax.  Uniforms are not required.

What should my child wear for the first time?

Bring some tennis shoes and lose comfortable clothing.

How long are the seasons?

Our sessions are typically 13 weeks long, depending on what day of the week your child’s class is and holidays.  Our seasons go along with the outdoor seasons- Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.