International Indoor Soccer Arena Staff

Name: Gabe Nosseir
Position: Owner/General Manager, Lil’ Kickers coach
Years at IISA: Since the Beginning!
1994 Del Norte High School Graduate
1994-1995 THE Ohio State University
1999  B.A. University of New Mexico in Broadcast Journalism
2007 M.A. Webster University in Counseling
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
United States Soccer Federation “B” Coaching License
Experience and accomplishments:
New Mexico State Coaching Staff, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Boys ODP Head Coach
2014 Assistant Coach Albuquerque Sol, Professional Development League team
Coach of the ’92-’93 Gladiators from u9-u19
Gladiators were eight time NM State Champions and  two-time Region IV finalists
Gladiators won the prestigious Disney Showcase Tournament at u16 & u17 and
the SC del Sol President’s Day Tournament at u14
Gladiators have current and former players in MLS, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and junior college levels
The team was ranked in the top 10 of the country from u16-u19
Coached the Boys at Del Norte High School 1995-1999 (state quarterfinals in 1998) and La Cueva Girls 2000-2001 (Novar champions in 2000 and state finalists in 2001)
Playing soccer since 6 years-old
Coaching soccer since 1995
Favorite Soccer Teams: Brazil, Egypt, and US National Teams, UNM Lobos, Barcelona, Flamengo (Brazil), Albuquerque Sol!
Hobbies: Soccer, Surfing, working out, djing, my two children

Name: Jeremiah Pena, “Coach J”
Position: General Manager for IISA, Lil Kickers and PK’s
Years at IISA: since the beginning!
1994 Del Norte High School graduate
2002 B.A. University of New Mexico in Philosophy
Montessori Accredited Teacher specializing in children 2-6 years old
Experience and accomplishments:
Lil’ Kickers coach since 2008
IISA Manager since 2001
Teacher at Montessori of the Rio Grande
Favorite Soccer Teams: Brazil National Team & Barcelona FC, Athletico Madrid
Hobbies: indoor soccer, walking his dog, DIY projects, Free lance tutoring and counseling

Name: Evan Grady
Position: Adult League Director, Referee
Years at IISA: Since 2012
2001 Highland High School Graduate
UNM Early Child
Experience and accomplishments:
Playing soccer since 8 years old
Played club for AUFC
Played JV and Varsity for Highland High School
Played various adult leagues in National tournaments and rec levels
Many years playing indoor at IISA!
Favorite Soccer Team: US National Team
Hobbies: Soccer, cycling

Name: Oscar Sosa
Position: Lil’ Kickers Director, Manager
Years at IISA: Since 2014
2006 Highland High School graduate
Experience and accomplishments:
Playing soccer since 14 years-old
Played for Elite FC
Three year varsity player at Highland High School
Captain of Highland varsity team
Favorite Soccer Team: Chivas de Guadalajara & Barcelona
Hobbies: Reading, biking, video games, outdoor activities

Name: Josh Petty
Position: Scorekeeper, PK’s Staff
Years at IISA: Since 2015
2008 St. Pius X High School graduate
2015 B.B.A. International MGMT  University of New Mexico
Experience and accomplishments:
Playing soccer since (birth :)…) 4 years-old
Club team regional finalist and semifinalist consecutive years
4-AAAA High School soccer player of the year 2007
Favorite Soccer Team: Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid
Hobbies: soccer, lifting, sports, climbing, reading, traveling, language

Name: Kate Messier
Position:Lil’ Kickers Coach, Manager
Years at IISA: Since 2014
Bosque School Graduate
Current student at UNM
Experience and accomplishments:
Played soccer on AUFC ’93
Favorite Soccer Team: Sporting KC, Liverpool
Hobbies: running, rock climbing, photography, hiking/anything in the mountains, hanging with pet dog, playing indoor

Name: Joseph Lalonde
Position: Lil’ Kickers Coach, Scorekeeper, Referee, Party Coordinator
Years at IISA: Since 2016
Education: Current student at CNM in Pre-Med
Experience and accomplishments:
Playing soccer since 5 years old
Played freshman & sophomore year
Favorite Soccer Team: Real Madrid
Hobbies: Soccer

Name: Matthew Hickman
Position: Manager, Lil’ Kickers coach, Party Coordinator
Years at IISA: Since 2016
2014 El Dorado High School Graduate
Current Physical Education student at UNM graduation date 2018
Experience and accomplishments:
Adult League ASL
Indoor Soccer at International Indoor Soccer Arena
Favorite Soccer Teams: Leicester
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Uni-cycling, Ultimate Frisbee

Name: Jack Clancy
Position: Manager, Lil’ Kickers coach
Years at IISA: Since 2016
Kells C.S.
Psychology Major from Rocky Mountain College
Experience and accomplishments:
Degree in Psychology
Favorite Soccer Teams: Dundalk FC, Celtic FC
Hobbies: Guitar

Name: Patrick Quinn
Position: Manager, Lil’ Kickers coach, PK’s chef, Ref
Years at IISA: Since 2016
Bellarmine Prep
Philosophy and Psychology Major from Gonzaga University
Experience and accomplishments:
Spent 6 month working at a suicide hotline
Regional finalist junior and senior year at Gonzaga University
State finalist senior year at Bellarmine Prep
Older brother of two amazing brothers and two amazing sisters
Head coach of Rio Rancho High School C-Team
Favorite Soccer Teams: Liverpool F.C,. Seattle Sounders, United States Men’s National Team
Hobbies: Soccer, Hiking, Yoga, Swimming, Basketball, Video Games