Are you looking to take your team, group, or business get to the next level?  We are motivated to help others achieve their full potential and maneuver through any blockages they experience.  We have the perfect package for you!

1. Transformative Youth Workshop (youth teams & groups only): $360, up to 24 people includes:

2. Transformative Professional Workshop (adult teams, groups, & businesses): $500, up to 24 people includes:

3. Transformative Group Package: $56.00 per person, minimum 10 people includes:

4. Transformative Group Package plus field: $56.00 per person + $60 for the field, minimum 10 people includes:

What is required: a non-refundable $75 deposit is required at the time of signing up.  All participants will need to create a profile in our DASH system in order to fill out the online waiver.  Please do this ahead of time on any computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Please remember we don’t allow cleats on the field.  Indoor or tennis shoes work best.

How: Call us at the arena 505-266-3653 and we’ll reserve your and your team’s or business’ spot!