Other Rules not in the above link

  • In Coed Games- a team must have at least four players from its roster in order for it to be a non-forfeited game.  At least one of those players must be a female.  If a team does not have any females before the game starts, it will be considered a forfeit.
  • Youth u8 & u9 games will play 4v4 with no goalkeepers and 14 minute halves.
  • As of Youth Winter 2019, heading will only be allowed for players 11 years-old and older

Info on Concussion

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this information as we should all be looking out for the safety of our teammates. Most of the info pertains to youth but can be used for adult safety as well.

NFHS Course on Concussion Education for Coaches

CDC Course on Concussion Education

Concussion Symptoms Flyer

Concussion Action Plan

Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches